This request has been fulfilled. Watch it here!


u/ak_star · 1 month ago
please upload all the 3 seasons. It is a good chinese anime
u/Sakura · 1 month ago
I like the anime very much too!!
I would also like to see it here.
u/2hands · 1 month ago
Thumbs up for requesting this, please make it so!
u/Zelect_121 · 1 week ago
I agree and maybe season 4 might come out
u/ak_star · 4 days ago
didnt know so many people wanted it out here! its here now!
u/RogueDrag · 4 days ago
hell yeah
u/TorredMA · 4 days ago
This series is more difficult than expected.
The quality for each episode varies A LOT, ALL of them already have chinese subs hardsubbed (so branded in) and some episodes have just straight up missing english subs.
I'll try my best to get everything together, but it'll take a bit longer than expected.
Opened by u/ak_star - 1 month ago
Accepted by u/TorredMA - 4 days ago
Encoding by u/TorredMA - 4 days ago
Uploading by u/TorredMA - 3 days ago
Done by u/TorredMA - 2 days ago