Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken Episode 8
Inherited Will sub

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Aired 7 months ago
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u/littleONE · 7 months ago
is it.. he... or she..?
u/Shock · 3 months ago
I mean he says he a man and he was a man, but it's a slime so it's aexual. so doesn't matter.
u/ryalane · 7 months ago
no genitals so its neither (its talked about in the story)
u/poopking · 6 months ago
Skill "Predator" is so damn OVERPOWER!!!!!!
u/aldenarip03 · 6 months ago
Eat her?In what way?
u/Fullweab · 4 months ago
YOOOOO I was just about to comment the EXACT SAME THING!!!!
u/somerandoweirdo · 3 months ago
You guys are pretty clueless, Rimuru's gender is obviously slime
u/Sunny649 · 7 months ago
Ah! So that's why&how he manifested a body!
u/iambeta · 7 months ago
I successfully manage to held back my manly tears!!!
u/max · 7 months ago
They stretch this out. So far the only episode I did not mind missing. I already guessed that he was so how going to swallow her to get his human form. She is coming back though because he is destined to be with her. Then again, mmmmmm, he already is. lol
u/Jobe1105 · 7 months ago
Unfortunately she's dead for good. She is destined to be with him in the sense that she is resting inside him.
u/Mimoji · 6 months ago
I feel disappointed with that..
She was so pretty and kind.. I really thought she would live and be Rimuru's comrade.
u/MysteriousGuy · 6 months ago
The only thing I hate about the opening is that it spoiled the anime where Rimuru can eventually gain a human form
u/Thunderstorm1987 · 7 months ago
Slime that can eat people
u/lakm06 · 7 months ago
Great episode.
u/Yusuf · 7 months ago
I love it but what should he..or..she...or...it be called?
u/bogiking · 6 months ago
he or she is neutral
u/Mayonnaiselover · 7 months ago
Yesssss!! Next ep will be my fav arc from manga, orc disaster. I can't wait😣😣😣
u/STULTUS · 7 months ago
Lmao the boy is trappin it up XD
u/GHOST923 · 6 months ago
yeeeeeeeeeeeeeahhhhhhhhhh arc orc disaster yes
u/Fullweab · 4 months ago
Allas the trap is born!
u/AnimWatcher · 3 months ago
It's a guy because his hair is just long, and he has no boobies