Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Episode 17
A Promise Made sub

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Aired 1 month ago
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u/9veteran · 1 month ago
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u/sakray01 · 1 month ago
you forget that naofumi is not a one-man army. he never was, and he never will. if you wanted one of those, then clearly this isn't for you.
girls aren't the only ones that's joining the party.
u/ChaoticFoxtrot · 1 month ago
ummm...(manga reader)
u/somerandoweirdo · 1 month ago
is that red hair guy with that scythe in the into might be in his party???
u/somerandoweirdo · 1 month ago
is that red hair guy with that scythe in the into might be in his party???
u/PopJaCherry · 1 month ago
Nope I can't agree... owo story getting too much for you then maybe take a break?
u/Puddler · 1 month ago
i agree
u/FUzzyNoodles · 1 month ago
the Fox boy gonna join I think, it was in the intro
u/Chillx · 1 month ago
legit every anime has a ton of girls men are underrated
u/Me3 · 1 month ago
Yeah but these ones have normal sized breasts which make it unique. Also they haven't radomly sexually assaulted each other which is also rare when an anime guy has a harem. See? 100% original anime.
u/Chillx · 1 month ago
ye I agree but where d men at you know
u/Me3 · 1 month ago
Doing the dishes?
u/Chillx · 1 month ago
nah too lazy
u/Howardton · 1 month ago
Megumin why
u/Me3 · 1 month ago
In her defense, she has to blow up something now that the dullahan's castle has been destroyed.
u/MohammadH673 · 1 month ago
I didn't think id ever say this but melty is even more useless than sakura in naruto. and all this little girl stuff is getting kinda annoying, we need more guys in this anime
u/Shadonic · 1 month ago
guys and more grown women that aren't assholes.
u/BeWaReJay · 1 month ago
Yeah I agree @9veteran. I kind of want a guy to join the party
u/RemnantMemory · 1 month ago
oh great, now everyone gonna say he set up those trap...
u/PusseyDonn · 1 month ago
that wasnt a trap....ull see next episode
u/masterknyhll · 1 month ago
This is one very touching episode. :(
Makes me hate that idiot of a king more.
u/Ev0xRevenge · 1 month ago
That’s two he doesn’t need to worry about XD now he just needs to make good first impressions lol
u/HCN-Cyanide · 1 month ago
Filo is taking tips from Yami, she surpassed her limits right then and there.
u/Lefyusen · 1 month ago
I think megumin cast the explosion on wrong area
u/RIPmasteranime · 1 month ago
u/NextLevel · 1 month ago
lol the ending going boom
u/BeWaReJay · 1 month ago
Lmao the ending was so unexpected
u/AideNanairo · 1 month ago
What in the world is that after-credit
u/COMMANDERxREXX · 1 month ago
I miss when he used to go rage mode
u/Risk · 1 month ago
never saying information hero weapon hope the next episode got say it
u/Djtrizzle · 1 month ago
Currently stranded in an airport, because of a delayed flight. This made the wait easier.
u/Takashi-Shiba · 1 month ago
it says subbed but it's dubbed
u/Takashi-Shiba · 1 month ago
nvm, they changed it to subbed
u/Massive · 1 month ago
This is like the only anime that gets dubbed in less then 12 hours
u/daddypatties · 1 month ago
I have a sister complex now.... LMAO XD