Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Episode 12
The Raven Invader sub

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Aired 2 months ago
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u/kirai-da · 2 months ago
that stupid fucking redhead bitch.
u/ImmortalZod · 2 months ago
don't spoil her name
u/kirai-da · 2 months ago
dude shes so shit that i forgot her name
u/-Gab · 2 months ago
The names myne ahahahaha
u/ImmortalZod · 2 months ago
Sure it is aahhahahahahahahaha
u/kirai-da · 2 months ago
who cares shes a whore anyways
u/wolfy21 · 2 months ago
yea I would just slap her in the face if i was there
u/Memion · 2 months ago
would you JUST slap her?
u/pedroas1 · 2 months ago
As a manga reader that i am you spoiled telling them that she will...
u/ChaoticFoxtrot · 2 months ago
that fookin betchhh
u/Mothshot · 2 months ago
"I can't stop trembling" *Isn't even trembling*
u/JacobWater · 2 months ago
I thought the exact same thing!
u/Sunny649 · 2 months ago
pffft.....that cliffhanger.... (> ToT)> Now Naofumi has a reason to trust Melty! =D
u/jalenbrown591 · 2 months ago
u/wvw · 2 months ago
Comment hidden due to downvotes.
u/ManiacMaxo · 2 months ago
Ummmm, a comma would help quite a bit, I don't want melty to be slain...
u/wvw · 2 months ago
hahahahahh omg i did not realize that!! thank you
u/gameysis · 2 months ago
that ending damn!!!!
u/Fog · 2 months ago
For a setup that was a bit too obvious, huh? That guy just did a yolo dash lmao
u/Psychocake · 2 months ago
Yeah, like what the fuck kind of setup was that? They couldve just killed her when she wasnt with the SHIELD hero. So stupid that they waited until she met up with him. And thats not it, one dude charges at her with his sword in the shield heros sight? What the actual fuck this is so stupid and the only logical explanation would be if this was a setup to gain the shield heros trust and not to actually kill Melty.
u/Psychocake · 2 months ago
Nvm, im stupid
u/Anant_Parashar · 2 months ago
now the kings ass will be kicked by the queen
u/_MaybeHans_ · 2 months ago
u/iHina · 2 months ago
The boy knows from experience when a coup d'etat is gonna strike
u/RemnantMemory · 2 months ago
goddamit, my boi Naofumi just cant take a break can he? I just want him to at least take a break after roasting the king like that :
u/Exerxes · 2 months ago
I dislike cliffhangers. Now another week to wait, but atleast I'll have JoJo for Friday :)
u/Nyeh · 2 months ago
Gets a cliffhanger on jojo
u/Exerxes · 2 months ago
JoJo is supreme, Alpha, it reeks of Testosterone!
u/SergiusSenpai · 2 months ago
12:01 - been waiting for that smug too long ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
u/Hoodedbeastie · 2 months ago
Myne is at it again! I hope she dies in the next wave
u/Akeic · 2 months ago
this is a hot episode
u/_MaybeHans_ · 2 months ago
wth happened in the end???!?!?!?
u/p46 · 2 months ago
the redhead bitch set up the soldiers to attack melty since shes the crown princess or smth.. next episode will cover it
u/MohammadH673 · 2 months ago
yea kill melty then say shield hero did it
u/_MaybeHans_ · 2 months ago
wtf that bitch is gonna kill her damn sister?
u/Xzader · 2 months ago
yes this is a good anime .the story is greatly structured not like reborn was trash
u/Dynamics64 · 2 months ago
u/Me3 · 2 months ago
You can't just end it there! It's not fair.
u/BlackSwordsman95 · 2 months ago
no dubbed today???
u/Namonai · 2 months ago
Un the run from the kingdom of melromarc, Murders raphtalias torturer, fights a tyransour dragon rex, fights a level 300 Filolial queen, Fights the losing end of a crusade and eventually the queens back, all blessed the queen.