Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Episode 11
Catastrophe Returns sub

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Aired 2 months ago
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u/BlueStarr45 · 2 months ago
About time someone recognised him as the only true hero.
u/Memion · 2 months ago
hasn't raphtalia been doing that ever since she was introduced?
u/BlueStarr45 · 2 months ago
Someone other than Raphtalia, idk it just felt satisfying to have someone outside of his party acknowledge him now I just wanna see the other heroes respect him.
u/Massive · 2 months ago
did you watch the same episode I did, they called him a cheat. Or that he was cheating. So I doubt that.
u/Lurkermin · 2 months ago
Did you finish the same episode we watched orrrr?
I mean, fan villain literally said "lets have the only battle worth having in this wave" and "there's only one here being worthy of being called a hero"
u/ChaoticFoxtrot · 2 months ago
Don't say fan villain, its a spoiler... hehehehe
u/Massive · 2 months ago
Yes I've watch the episode. I'm just not going to right write word for word. That's to much.
Apparently not for you, since you wrote word for word of what was said.
Second, I thought he meant the other heroes. I thought he meant that the other heroes will start acknowledging him.
Possibly she's going to start following him around in the future...
u/Namonai · 2 months ago
yeah there's about an entire country that does that its called Siltvelt.
Literally, they only believe in the shield hero the same way Melromarc only believes in, Spear McdickBrains,Sword McLonewolf and bow mc GodComplex...
u/abas2 · 2 months ago
that iron maiden scene is so cool
u/Namonai · 2 months ago
A little too much CGI for my taste.
u/stormax1337 · 2 months ago
To me it was a much better step up than the first rage shield reveal, so i appreciate the extra details here.
u/Lentoorava · 2 months ago
That CGI looked good in my opinion, and for example hundreds of times better than the one used on Overlord's goblin army.
u/Loriethalion · 4 weeks ago
Hahahhahaa, I loved the goblin army scene but i have to agree the CGI in Overlord looks out of place! XD
u/Fog · 2 months ago
Filo speed attacks were pretty damn cool
u/Namonai · 2 months ago
It's the accessory, anyone reading the light novel knows the OVER POWERD abilities that simple accessories give.
( I'd call it a spoiler but It's not unless season 2 is confirmed, the anime will get max to cal mari islands.)
u/jalenbrown591 · 2 months ago
yu guys comment fast and he definitly deserves to be recognized as a hero
u/Fluxeon · 2 months ago
We are the fifth hero: the commento no yusha.
u/Margott · 2 months ago
Been refreshing main site for too long to actually enjoy this... Just kidding, this is fire!!
u/JacobWater · 2 months ago
Teamwork time! Yeah!
u/Namonai · 2 months ago
It was nice to see considering in the manga they were useless. ( the other three heroes)
u/Sunny649 · 2 months ago
What a fitting role for Han Megumi x'D
u/NaoKimaji · 2 months ago
hype hype hype

(feels like next ep gonna be a filler tho
u/Namonai · 2 months ago
No it's going to set off the fugitive arc. It doesn't have time for filler.
u/ANIMEfreak · 2 months ago
After reading the manga I can say that they have done justice to the anime .
u/ChaoticFoxtrot · 2 months ago
u/Massive · 2 months ago
tell me more
u/ChaoticFoxtrot · 2 months ago
no need for much words, just...

Expect those kind of reactions soon
u/Solitude · 2 months ago
The anime is actually based primarily on the light novel. The manga is as well.
u/ANIMEfreak · 2 months ago
I did not read the LN.
u/jalenbrown591 · 2 months ago
only one of you here is worthy of being called a hero
u/shakakibara · 2 months ago
damn u guys are fast
u/jalenbrown591 · 2 months ago
the one thing i hate is when someone intterups my weekly anime watching
u/wvw · 2 months ago
this episode was so good..
u/datasianren · 2 months ago
reee 2nd again
u/anime_world · 2 months ago
good anime
u/jalenbrown591 · 2 months ago
only one of you here is worthy of being called a hero
u/Lou · 2 months ago
ultra instinct filo
u/Wyld-WolfDragon · 2 months ago
Tune in Next Time On DragonCore Shield...
u/Clouse_000 · 2 months ago
Plz No Fillers!
u/Namonai · 2 months ago
You should be safe for now also the anime doesn't have the runtime to more fillers.
But the stakes will grow substantially so having some breathing room might be necessary considering the trash and bitches in the coming episodes.
u/FerPutra · 2 months ago
Sore dake!!!!
u/Lester11 · 2 months ago
Amazing! now i'm excited new antihero character
And a cutie ,I can't wait to see her falling for naufumi😊😊
u/Nikami · 2 months ago
Im pretty sure "enemy" doesnt translate to "antihero"
u/Crescentfangs · 2 months ago
Nope, she won't. She will be enemy to the 4 heroes for a while. But after that she still not fall for him.
u/Lester11 · 2 months ago
that would be great.I want spear hero ass smacked to HELL.