Sword Art Online: Alicization Episode 20
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Aired 3 months ago
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u/RemnantMemory · 3 months ago
Eugeo before : I hate all of the synth knight so much for taking alice
Administrator : *show boobs*
Eugeo : Okay I believe you.
u/ultradenisbg · 3 months ago
lol, i laughed 5 mins at this, so hilarious
u/cyzz · 3 months ago
I am so proud that I understand this reference
u/Sunny649 · 3 months ago
Kirito Vs Eugeo.... Also....would Kirito holding two swords be a foreshadowing in him dual-wielding later on..?
u/kubongaming · 3 months ago
might be, can't wait to find out
u/KyousukeSanosuke · 3 months ago
So... about that double wilding... when are we seeing it again? XD
u/kitsune125 · 3 months ago
*spoiler warning*

we will seing it when he fought administator.

if anyone reading this other than this guy and doesnt want to get spoiled shu..
u/KyousukeSanosuke · 3 months ago
hmm... and do you think he will name the skill or something?
u/kitsune125 · 3 months ago
theres no dual wielding in underworld so there wont be a skill or anything he just dual wield it
u/Fluxeon · 3 months ago
Stalling time?
Hell yes and now we've got to wait for another fking week.
u/AnimWatcher · 3 months ago
Girl: I'll show you my oppai, if you betray your friends
Eugeo: HELL YEAH!!!
u/kubongaming · 3 months ago
reeeeeeeeeee not another week
u/Kumoo · 3 months ago
Golden Kakashi
u/ssjgod101 · 3 months ago
this getting serious daug!
u/AAnimeUltima · 3 months ago
just as stuff started happening
u/NaniTheFuck · 3 months ago
"What do you want? Is it more important than Alice?"
"I don't know"
Boi he want that 200 year old saggy titties and too afraid to admit it
u/Ender · 3 months ago
Eugeo betrayed his friends just so he could get laid, but then who wouldn't?

LOL jokes aside this story is getting more interesting
u/albertsacsi · 3 months ago
eugeo lose with kirito kirito win!!! :Dhahaha next episode kirito VS administrator kirito using dual-wielding i think im ready XD
u/Dynamics64 · 3 months ago
I knew it.
u/ShegiYesOrNo · 3 months ago
nooo >.>
u/PickleMikL · 3 months ago
Nooo Eugeooo
u/abas2 · 3 months ago
u/Stripegg · 3 months ago
u/BlackPanda · 3 months ago
Next ep goin to be lit like omfg the cliff hanger, i think alice is going to lend her sword an get some duel wielding going..system call.
u/Achun · 3 months ago
can’t wait for the next episode!
u/Origami · 3 months ago
Hahaha You fools! I'm lvl 80 character and my auto health heal per second beats all the damage you lots deal. Call me the dual wielding Black Swords Man!