Sword Art Online: Alicization Episode 19
The Seal of the Right Eye sub

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Aired 4 months ago
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u/December · 4 months ago
Always use "Protection" when in bed with a Pontifex
u/MeowMix · 4 months ago
Good choice Eugeo. I would do the same.
u/KyousukeSanosuke · 4 months ago
I was thinking the same, is like choosing between blue or red pill, I´m getting blue all day
u/No_luck_Zero · 3 months ago
*pontifex cloosed her off*
u/Mugi_Mugi · 3 months ago
Que song;

Foreigner - 'I Want To Know What Love Is'

u/Cosmic_Brownie · 4 months ago
PISSED! Last week was recap, this episode felt so short, and now I got to wait a whole ass 'nother week? What tf am I supposed to do til then??
u/Darklegendlink · 4 months ago
You absolutely need to go watch Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari. I ate the whole thing in 3 hours. Incredible. And Yakusoku no Neverland as well. My new favorites anime
u/ImJustSomeGuy · 3 months ago
Ligit just watched Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari, running out my door to get the manga and light novel right now
u/Fullweab · 3 months ago
bad idea. Now he'll have to wait the hellish week for a new episode... But don't forget to add Mob psycho and That time i got reincarnated as a slime
u/LeCrimson · 3 months ago
Don't forget The Promised Neverland
u/Cosmic_Brownie · 3 months ago
Ive already been keeping up with those, got sick of waiting and ended up reading the manga for both FML haha. Same with Mob psycho and slime-kun. Might I suggest watching Dororo if you haven't already (prepare for feels around ep 5 or 6)
u/abas2 · 4 months ago
this episode making me hate Eugeo
u/zeq · 4 months ago
Will you be there for eugeo? no, that's why he went for the pussy
u/Aisurodo · 3 months ago
This episode was sad, I cried
u/kubongaming · 4 months ago
fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk NOT HIM TOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
u/Darklegendlink · 4 months ago
I KNOW RIGHT aosihdfiodnvbzwetk
u/ASHLEY-chan · 4 months ago
I'm ready to see Kirito and Alice whoop his ass. I good beating will fulfill us.
u/Lucius · 4 months ago
Smh Eugeo is so weak minded lol I would do the same though haha she good!
u/Eve · 4 months ago
welpp... hello Eugeo Synthesis Thirty Two i guess???? T.T
u/Pvhoangnam · 4 months ago
that's right bro, Ronie and Tiese would be Synthesis Thirty Three and Four
u/Eve · 4 months ago
nahhhhh i doubt it XD
u/factorers1 · 4 months ago
damn she was hot tho! ya cant lie!
u/Alpha316 · 4 months ago
Its witchcraft, she over 200 years old and saggy as hell. Its a trap I tell ya
u/zeq · 4 months ago
look beyond that. she busty atm, you cannot lie
u/NaniTheFuck · 4 months ago
Guys it's all good. The old hag's first mistake was thinking our boy Eugeo is straight. Yeah, I've seen him and Kirito on Google Images... I've scoured those depraved underbellies of the internet. Let's just say I don't think Eugeo is the type to be seduced by a female body if you catch my drift ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
u/7214008 · 4 months ago
Whoaw so that's how she turned all of them to powerful knight... I should go to a brothel now ~weeee
u/PickleMikL · 4 months ago
I'm ready to stab her
u/Stripegg · 4 months ago
Seductive administrator: awh hell nah n****
u/dimasok · 4 months ago
Let's not pretend that Kirito wouldn't fall into that trap either so its all good.
u/RazeRxPro · 4 months ago
No, he wouldn't
u/Origami · 4 months ago
The song at the end... what is it. It's so beautiful.
u/Sunny649 · 4 months ago
Niji no Kanata ni (虹の彼方に) by ReoNa (see at around 22:34)
u/Sunny649 · 4 months ago
ReoNa is the singing voice of Pitohui from SAO: Alternative GGO as well as the one who sung the 2nd ending theme for this Alicization Arc (forget-me-not by ReoNa).
u/Sunny649 · 4 months ago
Think it's happening the next episode... That one line we always hear in SAO MD on Eugeo's characters..... Or maybe actually two of his lines..... "Boku wa...tsu" and "Gomen yo...nai"
u/ReversedBlank · 4 months ago
*Sigh* Now I Have To Wait like what, another 100 years for the next episode T_T
u/ShegiYesOrNo · 4 months ago
first e,e
u/NotF2Bully · 4 months ago
Yess its here!
u/ultradenisbg · 4 months ago
no Eugeo!!! You will turn into her puppet ;-;
poor Eugeo ;-;
u/Ender · 4 months ago
Don't go wasting your emotions... LAY ALL YOUR LOVE ON ME ~Administrator 2019