Sword Art Online: Alicization Episode 15
The Relentless Knight sub

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Aired 5 months ago
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u/RemnantMemory · 5 months ago
I legitly happy when those kids got owned :D. Also, the fight between the Knight is a lot more cooler in the OP instead in the actual episode xD. And now that I think about it, they should've made Kirito keep dual wielding. I mean they went into trouble making 'Skill Connect' in ALO just to make sure Kirito can still dual wielding, so it's upseting to know they just throw that out of window in alicization. More so the base of Alicization is SAO so it's kinda weird to not include dual wield.
u/Crescentfangs · 5 months ago
Don't wanna spoil anything but soon he'll do it.
u/blu3s0da · 5 months ago
That's exactly what I thought, it's sad and very upsetting watching him not dial weild...
u/tenoia · 5 months ago
>:U this cliffhanger
u/Fullweab · 5 months ago
Thanks for the heads up! I'll wait until next week to watch this! :D
u/tenoia · 5 months ago
It's pretty good tho, but yeah this cliffhanger is sooo :U
u/ImJustSomeGuy · 5 months ago
I Know RiGhT?
u/ethanteeee · 5 months ago
This episode was actually good.
u/zowarma · 5 months ago
The fighting scenes were crispy but that cliffhanger is crispier
u/kingarthur · 5 months ago
Someone ever noticed Eugeo looks so much like Kirito?
I bet Eugeo is a copy of Kirito's Fluctlight..
u/The_Muffin_Man · 5 months ago
This damn cliffhanger jsnsjuwnwsusnsuebsisun
u/Clickbaitcrill · 5 months ago
Did anyone notice that the op changed. The first part has text and more effects to it, and they included a fight scene with eugeo and another guy.
u/Fullweab · 5 months ago
I thought I was the only one! They also changed the color of the font but that's not important😁
u/Carrotf11 · 5 months ago
>:U this cliffhanger
u/ASHLEY-chan · 5 months ago
Time to see Kirito's OVERPOWERED perfect weapon control skill
u/AFoxInTheWires · 5 months ago
Yesssssss, Fanatio! Second-favorite Integrity Knight, after Bercouli. This fight is so hype!
u/BlackSwordsman95 · 5 months ago
That's right kirito, show them who's the boss.
u/Evilitself · 5 months ago
u/ZrayZaiden · 5 months ago
u/Vladitor · 5 months ago
Damn, and it was getting good too
u/PickleMikL · 5 months ago
u/andykh0718 · 5 months ago
Oh Noooooo. Such cliff hanger is too much to handle.....
u/-Gab · 5 months ago
Breath taking sh*t!!!
u/Faabulus · 5 months ago
That cliffhanger tho...
u/Stripegg · 5 months ago
"Isn't that right Eugeo?"
u/av295586 · 5 months ago
that was tooooo good