Mob Psycho 100 II Episode 8
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Aired 3 weeks ago
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u/Ethan796 · 3 weeks ago
He gonna go sicko mode
u/Ritez689 · 3 weeks ago
those last few seconds got me good
next episode's gonna be litttttt
u/FFabbe · 3 weeks ago
Goddammit a cliffhanger
u/GauntYeti · 3 weeks ago
Most of the episode: haha what a nice uplifting marathon episode all is well and it’s all just getting better!
A tiny chunk of the episode: oh no drama incoming!
u/DarkLord · 2 weeks ago
hahahaha i thought the same dude but i got scared the end of this Episode
u/Sunny649 · 3 weeks ago
Percentage beyond the former ???%! O_O That cliffhanger... O_O Did not expect a cliffhanger!
u/Risk · 3 weeks ago
overload percentage more OP
u/Carrotf11 · 3 weeks ago
Oof. Tense af
u/DragoStefaN · 3 weeks ago
Kill! Kill them all Mob!
u/Fullweab · 3 weeks ago
THIS CLIFFHANGER STOOPID. A whole week WTF. I wonder if that was actually his family tho...
u/Azurel666 · 2 weeks ago
Well, logically there are only two options:
1. The bodies were ACTUALLY his family and the anime get's a lot darker from this point on.
2. It was just a ruse to get Mod to go all out, so they can see what he is cable of and I'm thinking either try and explain to him tat it wasn't on purpose and recruit him or just plain kill him 'cause he's too powerful, can't be stopped and them being fucking pussies.
u/MajesticFish420 · 3 weeks ago
Holy shit things got turned up to 83
u/GHOST923 · 3 weeks ago
mob' anger ???.????.??????.???? warning warning limtes has ben broken
u/Alpha316 · 3 weeks ago
Time to unleash pure pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!
u/Evilitself · 3 weeks ago
someone is going to dieeeee
u/BlackPanda · 3 weeks ago
WTF!!! I swear he went super sayian god when he grasped what he saw (not his parents) a real goku seeing krillin die moment right their got mob in ???? Sheesh, all i know is somebody is gonna die an lil homie that started it got a real ass whoopin comin his way. Cant wait for the next ep
u/AgentOrangeu · 3 weeks ago
Yo can anyone tell me what's the chapter of the manga the next episode is gonna be? I'm gonna read ahead because that shit was intense
u/bunnulu · 3 weeks ago
are... are you kidding me?
u/silveric · 3 weeks ago
ok... it's the end for the killer now...
u/Margott · 3 weeks ago
When they end it with a huge-ass cliffhanger and then the promo is just like: Oh yeah kids, no worries, everything's fine.
u/kingk · 3 weeks ago
mob feels like my son, when wathing this. why did this have to happen to him, just wanted to impress tobomi
u/Howardton · 3 weeks ago
Excuse me what the fuck.
u/dude808 · 3 weeks ago
why is there only 4 more damn EPISODES!!!!!!!!!?!?!???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!
u/DvHunta · 2 weeks ago
They did the same thing with the last season. The main part of the plot to do with Claw was near the end of the first season.