Kono Yo no Hate de Koi wo Utau Shoujo YU-NO Episode 1
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Aired 2 months ago
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u/Astolfo_Trap 路 2 months ago
The cover photo is screaming of harem
Is it tho?
u/Chillx 路 2 months ago
Every Harem Lover: sees cover with a boy and lots of girls *AHHHHHH HAREM YES*
u/ReversedBlank 路 1 month ago
Lmao So True 馃槀馃槀
u/Chigo 路 2 months ago
What school allows teachers to dress like that?!
u/deadlywalrus 路 2 months ago
duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude this used to be a hentai
u/TheMarkedOne 路 2 months ago
help a fellow weeb in need and tell the name
u/musty420 路 2 months ago
Never knew it was a hentai interesting
u/BlueStarr45 路 2 months ago
just gonna leave this comment here for research purposes
u/Somnambulist 路 2 months ago
YU-NO is the name of the hentai.
u/Fullweab 路 2 months ago
Disgusting. Why would you tell them something like that!? (what is have to say)
HELL YEAH! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! (what I want to say)
u/Just_A_Retard 路 2 months ago
What is this shit?
u/Carlo-chan 路 2 months ago
Probably this season's masterpiece that everyone gonna be talking about
u/Azusk 路 2 months ago
This was all I was thinking for the first minute
u/Djtrizzle 路 2 months ago
I'm going to leave this comment here for myself; inevitably I'm going to come back to this at a later date.
u/rtagubajr95 路 2 months ago
aaaaahh the good olf tactical dot
u/Alpha316 路 2 months ago
Damn you science. Stop ruining a young boys fun.
u/presthe2 路 2 months ago
Uhhhh Okay?
u/roberthurley14 路 2 months ago
LOL - This is gonna be some A-Class Trash

u/ANIMEfreak 路 2 months ago
LOL i want to feel good
u/MaxAnime 路 2 months ago
I鈥檓 getting some good vibes about this and did you guys see that it was a elf girl!
u/RemnantMemory 路 2 months ago
man, I'm so behind VN news these past years that I never notice this legendary VN got some remake and a fricken Anime... I will not get any hopes up for the anime since I'm sure they couldn't adapt all those 50+ hours experience into puny 1 cour season without effing up anything.. But they still can try and surprise me tho
u/Ev0xRevenge 路 2 months ago
What is VN?
u/Chsis 路 2 months ago
It means Visual Novel
u/Aydhe 路 2 months ago
yet another thick protagonist.
u/ighulabani 路 2 months ago
isn't it a eroge game?
u/scrimnick 路 2 months ago
"that blue sky and... white pantys"
u/DarkLord 路 1 month ago
00:20 it's me only or the Japanese sub sounds like the guy from One piece "Akianu" LOL