Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 7
Muzan Kibutsuji sub

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Aired 1 month ago
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u/obliviousbadger · 1 month ago
i just love thiis anime
u/soleaira · 1 month ago
damn how you gone dangle the demon right in front of his face and he cant even touch him without making a scene
u/Draigg · 1 month ago
Muzan has HIV and is spreading it to the world, because he is bitter.
u/Sunny649 · 1 month ago
Really surprised Muzan blended into the human world instead of in the shadows of the human side.. He surely is a smart and difficult opponent o.o" Also I didn't expect them to have that much advanced electricity already... I mean...Taisho was still around the 1900→ ? so it's around the time electricity was just "discovered".. hmm a well... xD
u/GauntYeti · 1 week ago
Actually this is just Yoshikage Kira - The Prequel Story
Long nails✔️
Serial killer ✔️
Just wants to live a normal life but keeps getting kinkshamed ✔️
u/Seekynator3000 · 1 month ago
did he just swear to kill all the titans?
u/HCN-Cyanide · 1 month ago
yes, yes he did
u/sugoi · 1 month ago
Comment hidden due to downvotes.
u/Oshkysh · 1 month ago
exactly my thoughts...
u/NextLevel · 1 month ago
What do you mean???? Look at 14:46 look at THOSE LEGS. One punch man is animated differently than the OG but its well done.
u/drmemespoon · 1 month ago
the cg is pretty good tho, and these are one of the best cg crowds I have seen in a long time.
u/sugoi · 3 weeks ago
You're right. One punch man Season 2 IS animated differently: it's animated terribly. The only except is when their overworking their only competent animator.
u/jalenbrown591 · 1 month ago
episode just dropped and people already commentin this is lit
u/ANIMEfreak · 1 month ago
what the hell happened !!!!!
u/AceG121 · 1 month ago
u/badda1 · 1 month ago
woke up 20 minutes ago cant wait for my early saturday demon hunting
u/Ender · 1 month ago
WOW I just noticed that this one is made by Ufotable, no wonder the animation is so good, I just hope I will not see any dragons nor dolphins if you know what I mean
u/andykh0718 · 1 month ago
How can he scent the smell under water ?
u/gonz · 1 month ago
just like sharks can sense blood i guess
u/andykh0718 · 1 month ago
oh... you are right. How silly I am. Never though of that.
u/nantokanaruS · 1 month ago
I saw the first two eps of this show and afterwards had to binge the manga. Now i'm all caught up and the story is pretty nice. Catches you off guard with a stab in the feels a half dozen times. The great animation is expected from a ufotable production but damn if these four points aren't just off the charts: the score, sound editing, color scheme and style are fckng great. Even though i know what's going to happen i just can't take my eyes off for a second. Great show.
u/itshind · 1 month ago
u/YungRaditz · 1 month ago
Been a fan since day one when it was a manga, I always knew that this was anime material and ufotable is doing such an amazing job with the material, visuals, and voice actors, omg this is gonna be a great ride y’all
u/Risk · 1 month ago
i see this demon boss create demon by human use his claw to atk human change become demon
u/badda1 · 1 month ago
woke up 20 minutes ago cant wait for my early saturday demon hunting
u/kadsoukui · 1 month ago
3am here, no regrets!
u/haani · 1 month ago
u/Lefyusen · 1 month ago
Ahhhhhhh! Why he didn't prevented that guy bite that woman. Faaaaaaaaaaaak