Kenja no Mago Episode 5
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Aired 1 week ago
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u/frsaperture · 1 week ago
what was that first scene lmao
u/nantokanaruS · 1 week ago
exactly my thoughts... wtf
u/Tobu891 · 1 week ago
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u/Vladitor · 1 week ago
You do realize she comes from a wealthy family right....
u/Lefyusen · 1 week ago
I'm not sure if I agree or not
u/Lester11 · 1 week ago
I bet he can wipe all the opposition army by himself
u/ChaoticFoxtrot · 1 week ago
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u/amalmiju · 1 week ago
ozm anime
u/PopJaCherry · 1 week ago
Really Love how this anime is going owo can't wait for more!
u/zalo · 1 week ago
I lole this it doesnt always leave u on a cliffhanger like some anime cough cough one punch man cough
u/Johnnyboy · 1 week ago
I think zest voice actor is the voice actor of one of the 10 comandments in the seven deadly sins
u/Lefyusen · 1 week ago
I also think he voices the gay bartender in Domekano and Ao-chan's dad
u/Sunny649 · 1 week ago
Shin would definitely get involved in the war anyways x'd
u/Qedichi · 1 week ago
Call me a cynic but I feel as if everything is being handed to Shin and his lackeys very easily. Everything is so bright and full of pink roses and shit. But is this really how it's going to continue?

I feel as if something very very bad is going to be witnessed. Then again... it could be just the fact that I have been reading Berserk a lot as of lately.
u/sthaney · 1 week ago
Haha it happens to the best of us, but unlike Berserk, I think this protagonist has it pretty easy most of the story. What they've done so far is show how far Shin outclasses everyone other than some demonoids so even with training, his lackeys are gonna have some real trouble dealing with any threat like that.
u/Origami · 1 week ago
Qeduichi, YES IT IS.
u/Lefyusen · 1 week ago
Every episode is getting interesting. How cute
u/kaleinyo · 1 week ago
Can't read the video
u/DragoStefaN · 1 week ago
This video file cannot be played.
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u/ImmortalZod · 1 week ago
Just wanted to post the same thing... no alternate sources?
u/Saiko_diva · 1 week ago
20:00 iS tHiS a JoJo ReFfErEnCe??
u/luisdo38 · 1 week ago
Finally this anime is getting good again
u/Sundown95 · 1 week ago
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u/BlackSwordsman95 · 1 week ago
u/zumokik · 1 week ago
"Rise Level Up" huh?
u/Aqualaguna · 1 week ago
Replaceable sword? Stupid idea. What if enemies know the button to release the sword.