Kenja no Mago Episode 3
An Emergency Arises! sub

4.8 (477 votes)
Aired 3 weeks ago
Updated May 19, 2019 · 18.7k Views · by u/MeowMix


u/Hazard · 3 weeks ago
You can tell he's from our world, because when shit actually gets bad, the first thing he envisions with his magic is a light saber.
u/milkiiwei · 3 weeks ago
He probably watched SAO before going to the world, he knew all he needed to do hahahaha
u/SomeGuy · 3 weeks ago
This anime is giving me a lot of jesus-kun vibes
u/The_Eclipse · 3 weeks ago
Do you know the feeling when your like a ecstatic kid who jumps up and down when his favourite anime gets released? In that case, that’s me. My body gets filled with adrenaline and it shivers when I watch it. I would proudly give this a 10/10, but that’s only my opinion.
u/Margott · 3 weeks ago
Whoa I did not see that coming. He actually fucking killed him. This looks so optimistic but I bet it's gonna get messed up.
u/Fullweab · 3 weeks ago
Sum re:zero shit boutta go down
u/quindot · 3 weeks ago
What the fuck man, that caught me off guard, I thought he could subdue the power controlling him but yikes he actually killed him, this is going to be fucked up. 8/10.
u/Lefyusen · 3 weeks ago
He should've let his cousin help him a little bit though. I don't like that part of his attitude lmao.
u/InfinityStorage · 3 weeks ago
One of the best anime currently airing.
u/bicbear · 3 weeks ago
heads on the floor!!
u/kirai-da · 3 weeks ago
is this gonna turn out to be somewhat fucked
u/2hands · 3 weeks ago
How is it the OP is so shit and the ED is so good?
u/410 · 3 weeks ago
Power and destruction in one boy
u/Seekynator3000 · 3 weeks ago
how did i not see that he is nazi sooner
u/Lester11 · 3 weeks ago
I love cold murderers he just killed him without any resentment or guilt , I downloaded it from kickassanime yesterday why does animeultima not support download links
u/lipe123 · 1 week ago
How could they get back without the teachers? epic teacher fail in this place.