Fairy Tail (2018) Episode 33
Pleasure and Pain sub

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Aired 1 month ago
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u/AniimeUchiha 路 1 month ago
Relations to Natsu:
Zeref Dragneel: Brother
Larcade Dragneel: Nephew
Mavis Vermillion: Brother-in-law
Lucy: Wife 馃槏
Like if u ship them!
u/AniimeUchiha 路 1 month ago
Oops, Mavis is Natsu's sister-in-law.
u/Djtrizzle 路 1 month ago
My man Zeref dicked-down Mavis.
u/King_Naruto123 路 1 month ago
no it actually larcade was created when light and dark collided or in other words kissed in which resulted in creating since mavis dies after she kisses zeref did you or did you not see the origins arc
u/King_Naruto123 路 1 month ago
Comment hidden due to downvotes.
u/ANIMEfreak 路 1 month ago
it has not even aired yet liar.
u/King_Naruto123 路 1 month ago
u/sudip 路 1 month ago
Mavis Dragneel, Natsu's Sister-in-law
u/King_Naruto123 路 1 month ago
somehow mavis and zeref kissed and birthed larcade
u/factorers1 路 1 month ago
ikr lol, but glad it happened more dragneel fam
u/Goku_Jerome 路 1 month ago
I mean it seems that she left out a certain detail in her story since she was affected by larcade's spell. It seemed to not affect virgins at all
u/AniimeUchiha 路 1 month ago
erotic! splendid
u/King_Naruto123 路 1 month ago
anyone know about fairy tail next generations
u/King_Naruto123 路 1 month ago
I bet this is just erza crying because her friends are fighting
u/Fiqry 路 1 month ago
Men this anime is becoming bit like hentai and I AM LOVING IT
u/hankit12 路 4 weeks ago
bitch (mavis) can get PREGNANT at 13 but gets nearly killed from a kiss from zeref???
u/Comrey 路 4 weeks ago
I guess animators forgot that Erza right's eye is artificial and she cannot cry out of it 炉\_(銉)_/炉
u/saurabh 路 4 weeks ago
No not animators mistake Erza can cry with both her eyes...it was already shown in tower of heaven or some other arc i don't remember exactly which arc though..
u/BeWaReJay 路 3 weeks ago
So let me expose the creator of Fairy Tail for being a dirty ass mf... so he made Larcade's magic light and the ability to make people feel pleasured... one random girl that was fighting immediately stopped and covered her chest and blushed like she was being violated... does this mean his ability is basically making people have orgasms?? Also don't forget the camera zoomed up on Angel's sister's panties
u/BeWaReJay 路 3 weeks ago
I mean mirvana's panties
u/Ligreat 路 2 hours ago
August is also Zeref and Mavis's child too, i remember.