Fairy Tail (2018) Episode 31
The Mightiest Demon of the Book of Zeref sub

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Aired 1 month ago
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u/Djtrizzle · 1 month ago
So we're just gonna forget about the death god's curse on Mavis? Alright Fairy Tail as long as you give me a good fight next episode I'll look past it.
u/azan · 1 month ago
First!!! omg what do i do!?
u/eeyors · 1 month ago
Shiiiiit man, I thought I was first lol

Also what a frickin episode my guy
u/azan · 1 month ago
yeah I'm actually so happy they're finally devoting a whole episode on one scene. Things finally seem to be getting really interesting I am actually hyped for next episode
u/Abhinav_Bansal · 1 month ago
Waiting 4 the nxt episode DIE HARD
u/BeWaReJay · 1 month ago
Couldn't natsu just fly using his feet and hands like he did in season 1,2, and 3?
u/BeWaReJay · 1 month ago
Dang we needa wait a long week to see the action... but the end scene was amazing and felt nostalgic.
u/King_Naruto123 · 1 month ago
best ending
u/ronnik7268 · 1 month ago
what a joke episode
u/xKitts · 1 month ago
OMG! Natsu ahhhhhhhhh im screamin rn
u/daddypatties · 1 month ago
4:37 I know this is an anime and not realistic at all, but I must say scraping your bare back and shoulders on a carpet hurts like hell but this takes the cake of what pain would be :0