Domestic na Kanojo Episode 7
This Is What It Means to Go Out Together, You Know? sub

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Aired 3 weeks ago
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u/ASHLEY-chan · 3 weeks ago
Another day of Natsuo peeking into someones room. I forgot that in the world of anime, things such as locking a door are not present.
u/Xen0s_9 · 3 weeks ago
Rui best girl ngl
u/Ender · 3 weeks ago
The ending Picture is a cosplay of Rem XD
u/Zer0_Tachibana · 3 weeks ago
NOOO! Not Shuu San!!
u/xspartan117x2 · 3 weeks ago
it get complicated ep
u/RileyFreeman · 2 weeks ago
On a more important note, Natsuo may literally be a ninja...who else do you know can rush down wooden steps in less than 2 seconds without making a creak
u/Repy · 1 week ago
Poor guy even gets cucked by ''Shuu-san'' after they made them break up. That also shows us that you can force her out of a relationship but you can't force someone to just simply forget the feelings they have had towards another person by guilt tripping them.