Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 105
A Wound on the Heart sub

4.2 (493 votes)
Aired 2 weeks ago
Updated May 20, 2019 · 6.5k Views · by u/MeowMix

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u/banirakyarameru · 2 weeks ago
Idk why but I'm starting to like Orochimaru... what to do?!
u/afiqkhalil · 2 weeks ago
i never hate orochimaru, i really like his double wills same like mitsuki. he have 2 different targets
u/HolySpitball · 2 weeks ago
How can you view someone's memories from outside their body? lmao does Mitusuki play in 3rd person?
u/zeq · 2 weeks ago
Nice episode.
u/Hoodedbeastie · 2 weeks ago
A recap of the Mitusuki arc that failed to make us understand Mitusuki. yay....
u/Macbob · 2 weeks ago
sireously recap...
u/shadovv · 1 week ago
i am kinda not looking forward for the next episode since the past few has just been a let down.