Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai Episode 5
A Genius in the Forest Strays for X sub

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Aired 1 month ago
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u/kirai-da · 1 month ago
u/Soup · 1 month ago
That was stupid the girl can just warn the other girls that they are cleaning and there's a guys inside cleaning and ask them to wear the clothes back. Bruh
u/Me3 · 1 month ago
"hey guys, bro and I are in here cleaning. Come back in an hour." Hardest words ever spoken in an anime.
u/JacobWater · 1 month ago
Why? Because anime.
u/-ガブリエル · 1 month ago
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u/The_Eclipse · 1 month ago
That, physical phenomenon scene does not just happen randomly, tbh it looked fake...
u/Lefyusen · 1 month ago
So I think Kirisu also likes Yuiga huh huh harem!
u/PeenoiseYt · 3 weeks ago
the harem episode begins'
u/PeenoiseYt · 3 weeks ago
what a nood genius