Black Clover Episode 82
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u/Abhinav_Bansal · 1 week ago
What useless episode is this
u/Pervert · 1 week ago
The climax better be worth this two week long wait. A recap filler woulda been better than this.
u/Blackpuddytat · 1 week ago
*Cough* Well that was nearly 24 minutes of my life that'll never get back.
u/animeyeets_yat · 1 week ago
Why they do this :(
u/somerandoweirdo · 1 week ago
lol sure its a filler but black clover with 82 eps only has 2 recaps and 3 fillers including this ep which is pretty good
u/Me3 · 1 week ago
If it was naratu it would be 64 fillers, and the rest real episodes.
u/somerandoweirdo · 1 week ago
Haha yep
u/Me3 · 1 week ago
That's what I hate about anime. Corpse princess ended on a filler. 2nd 2 last episode she's fighting the main guy, and it ends in the middle of the fight. Then the last episode is a filler so nothing was resolved. I would have fired the whole team over that.
u/Sundown95 · 1 week ago
i guess i cant be mad
u/xXHunterIVXx · 1 week ago
waiting for asta s fight vs langras for 2 weeks and this is what they give us
u/ame77 · 1 week ago
FYI this ep is due to golden week, every1 is on break so they reuse from the previous eps, please understand their law and culture of japan (they were forced to take a break under japanese law)
u/Niifta · 1 week ago
Oh okay then. Guess i can wait till next week.
u/Niifta · 1 week ago
Oh okay then. Guess i can wait till next week.
u/Mistagaine · 1 week ago
This was so bad and so annoying.
u/itshind · 1 week ago
whats with this episode
u/logian · 1 week ago
the worst episode i have seen in my life
u/SuperHawk · 1 week ago
w8ting a week for this???
u/daddypatties · 1 week ago
... it was funny at first but now I think I need a sanity check...
u/hankit12 · 1 week ago
this is so friccing useless
u/TheVch · 1 week ago
what a bad episode
u/Skylizz · 1 week ago
u/gabriel · 1 week ago
wlang kwenta ung 82 maka wla gana
u/Kalztr · 1 week ago
I paused the video and closed my eyes for 30 minutes
He got scammed
u/zZGodKilla · 1 week ago
U, are fucking kidding me. What's that supposed to be? is black clover starting with nonsense fillers?
u/enigma · 1 week ago
Useless episode
u/zalo · 1 week ago
Wut is this episode like goddam this crap aint nice
u/Ryonk · 1 week ago
Well those repeated theme song sure would make anyone insane. I immediately check comment after the third petite clover.