Black Clover Episode 77
Bad Blood sub

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Aired 1 month ago
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u/OtakuNami · 1 month ago
Wife Vanessa in this one
u/-Gab · 1 month ago
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u/somerandoweirdo · 1 month ago
its not really a race tbh if your first then you're first. I dont literally wait and keep refreshing the page until the new ep gets released to type first in the comment if i'm first then i'm first correct?
u/somerandoweirdo · 1 month ago
first ;>
u/Danny · 1 month ago
ayy lmao
u/Ahhhhh · 1 month ago
u/logian · 1 month ago
u/itshind · 1 month ago
ahhhhhh thanks
u/BeWaReJay · 1 month ago
Why is Madara in the opening?
u/BeWaReJay · 1 month ago
I got a feeling that the wizard king is gonna turn evil
u/Kofuku-hime · 1 month ago
That feeling is wrong my friend, so no need to worry about that ever happening.
u/GoldC_money15 · 1 month ago
Fuck Noel’s siblings they are all Dicks and bitches
u/HugedJackedMan · 1 month ago
They just made that their mother gave them shitty names, i mean his name is solid... lol
u/BlackPanda · 1 month ago
Charmy is too damn funny lol
u/DvHunta · 1 month ago
Next episode: Time for Asta to show them who the real peasants are
u/restricttw · 1 month ago
As long as they animate great when Asta fights im hyped
u/NagisaDAISUKI · 1 month ago
i wanna ask , do they know about asta's 5 leaf clover ??
u/somerandoweirdo · 1 month ago
Pretty sure the Wizard King knows and the Captain of the golden dawn ( shown in the first episode ) idk about the rest
u/NagisaDAISUKI · 1 month ago
ohh i see , thanks
u/ucii · 1 month ago
they cant see it because its too dirty, unless you really focus on it you cant see it, im pretty sure
u/NagisaDAISUKI · 1 month ago
yah that can be the reason too
u/itshind · 1 month ago
how can i watch the video in fullscreen ??
u/Gtgold · 1 month ago
ya you cant watch full screen when it the HD one when it the other one your able to watch full Screen
u/kilevvri1 · 1 month ago
You can watch full-screen on them all. The HD one the full-screen icon is the two diagonal arrows at the top right.
u/Fiqry · 1 month ago
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u/AgentOrangeu · 1 month ago
i don't know if you're retarded but you haven't seen noelle's development?
u/DvHunta · 1 month ago
Yami which is a captain > Vetto
Noelle was able to take a chunk out of Vetto, basically dmg him like a captain did.
Noelles brother isnt the captain of that squad.
So Noelles spell does captain level dmg so of course she whooped her brother
u/luisdo38 · 1 month ago
Did I just here Bankai at 00:44 second of the episode
u/DvHunta · 1 month ago
lol i heard it too
u/luisdo38 · 1 month ago
At 03:07 I was like wth is going on
u/DvHunta · 1 month ago
Asta going all out against Yuno is what it looks like