Black Clover Episode 63
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4.7 (1293 votes)
Aired 6 months ago
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u/ptl · 6 months ago
tf with this fight ☹️ looks weird
u/MinoruAkbar · 6 months ago
ikr they lazy
u/ptl · 6 months ago
Word! I was expecting something awesome in this episode 😭
u/Nope012 · 6 months ago
i feel like the fight is more satisfying compared to most anime fight that was over after 10s of animation, they put alot of effort on trying to pull off this fight, and give them a break yeah? its not easy trying to animate a fight scene
u/MattBoi10 · 6 months ago
the begging of the fight scene sucked but 80% of this whole episode was AMAZING so yeah as they get to 10:06 the fight scene gets better and 10:43 hard to follow but it looked cool i loved it
u/darkmark90 · 6 months ago
exactly i was like wtf is this c*&^t. all the fights before excellent gave you that old school shonen feel now this miss match rasshole kiss mi c&*^t got me good
u/FAKEY547 · 6 months ago
yo how much y'all wanna bet that asta will fight her blood magic with his will and defeat her i thinks he's gonna do that.
It might take like two ep but it'll be pretty cool i think
u/ptl · 6 months ago
First yo
u/lakm06 · 6 months ago
I haven't had this bad of a mind trip since college lol
u/Skyey_Foxy · 6 months ago
The worst battle scene and animation I've ever seen in my 9 year anime fan career! What the f*@ck with this series? Did they lose all budget? I'm mad about this because I anticipate something oldschool and epic(
u/MattBoi10 · 6 months ago
the begging of the fight scene had kind of good animation but HORRIBL ART but at 10:06 and everything else was NOICE 10:43 to 10:49 looked cool but that time was the only time i actually coundn't follow btw the begging of the episode when asta sees his demon itself was good as well so like only 20% of the episode sucked but 80% was amazing
u/Ameen · 6 months ago
if u guys wanna read the manga for free here is the link btw
u/E13ctricShXck27 · 4 months ago
The beginning of the fight was god awful but the more you go into it, it gets better and better
u/zowarma · 3 months ago
It’s like watching a hot mess of unfinished artwork. The fighting scenes were supposed to be great. I feel like it was rushed. I expected more from this. Like what captain Yami said, You don’t always get what you expect.
u/Beef · 1 month ago
Woah All Might Look Alike 13:53
u/poopking · 6 months ago
that bit**!!!
u/Ameen · 6 months ago
good fiht but the movment and animaton was bad as hell but i could bare with it.BTW vannessas gonna unlock that crazy as power that can control fate and destiny
u/Mothshot · 6 months ago
She will control 'the thread of fate', or at least I think that's what it is called.
u/Ameen · 6 months ago
op as hell unlock
u/Ameen · 6 months ago
ur welcome
u/Axelblaxer · 3 months ago
The queen of witches crows seem like itachi and the way she acts is like the Uchiha clan